Today's Post will be "Ghost" Written

Today's post will be written by someone other than our normal writer. Unfortunately, in an effort to keep his promise to be at his son's baseball game and keep his committment to completing his grad school assignment, the former Adam W. Stuart pushed well beyond his limits and left this earthly realm sometime around 3:30 this morning (here he's seen jump roping with this wonderful son worth keeping a promise to).

It is widely rumored he died listening to Three Doors Down's song "If I go crazy will you still call me Superman?" His rings were found next to him, indicating which one went to which child, that he wore to always feel they were with him. Sadly, what he said as he put each one on was never revealed to anyone, and this secret has died with him.

Although his zombie-like ghost was recently seen in Classroom 208, getting grades done and giving meaningful assignments to the students he dearly loved and believed in, it is widely believed that his spirit is now wondering somewhere in the sands of time.

He has run into some of the great spirits who helped him live his short, but definitely full life. In a never-ending attempt to enlighten himself and the world around him, he continues to learn from others in his new spiritual home and share this new learning with any who feel they could use it; this time via a mysterious email arriving on my computer.

Appropriately, at the memorial service many students quoted him often quoting Socrates "The one thing I know is that I know nothing."

Through the sheer will power of the heart, and a glitch in the computer system, this email mentions what his new friends told him they wanted us to know, to believe, and to live. It was sent from an unknown location, with the subject line containing Adam's last words:
"Become Yourself or Become Forgotten"........

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