The Time of Our Life

None of us know the time of our death.........But we all know the time of our life.

It is right here, right now.

This moment is literally, the "time" of our life.

What we choose to think, feel and do in this moment is up to us.

How much "life" we put in these moments, determines how much life we put out to the rest of the world.......before we have no more time left to give.



When you focus on everything you're doing wrong, you feel as if you can't do anything.

When you focus on everything you're doing right, you feel as if you can do anything.

When you do the latter it gives you the strength and courage to face everything and anything you don't like about yourself or the things around you.......

.....which then creates more of what you do like.

And the same is true when you interact with another in your life.

Are you making them feel as if they can't do anything.....

....or are you making them feel as if they can?


This is What I Fight....And Why

people fighting each other

i am love, and i am laughter....and i most definitely am LIFE....all three swirling inside at such high levels of vibration that i have become a very good fighter

but the fight is not against each other, it's against the bad things holding us back, against the limited beings we've become...........all done, not in hope, but in certain victory of uncovering the great things WE ARE


What Matters To Us All

People succeed and do great things either out of ego or passion. If it's ego it's a need to prove to someone that we are a success, worthy of being loved, deserving of being treated with respect, admiration, etc. This limited human-mind thinking usually manifests itself in the pursuit of more money and the things it buys, dominance over others, or getting as many people as possible praising our name.

Living out of our ego is a fear of not being good and powerful enough as we are and results in a continual running away from this fear in a never-ending need to constantly prove ourselves to others, usually by saying we are better than those around us in at least one significant way.

Living out of our spirit, or passion, is a constant and courageous move towards our higher self and happiness with unwavering belief. Where you used to fail you now succeed. You uplift those around you v. dominate them and where they used to fail they now succeed. And instead of trying to get others to praise your name, your spirit calls loudly for them to see the greatness inside of themselves.

It is out of this spirit that I have directed my teaching, one which requires rigorous thought, courageous belief, and great growth from both teacher and student. And it is out of this spirit that I will continue teaching even when it brings criticism from parents who tell me their children aren't "smart enough" to learn this way, that their child isn't "gifted".

Recognizing that I would be doing the same thing if I were them, because I would be them, it is just their fear of dreaming too much in their children and an ego-driven need to "be right" about their child's limitations. Instead of seeing what I see in their child and helping me bring it into reality, they direct all of their energy into trying to get me to lower my standards and beat me down by criticizing, condemning and attacking me, trying to get as many people as they can to see me as a "bad" teacher too.

It's at these times I know I need to respond out of my spirit and not my ego.

Every time I let my spirit do the talking for me, it speaks loud and clear every time. With respect for their right to have their own opinions..........and great clarity to the greater importance of their child's own opinion of him or herself, I say to them:

What the parent thinks of me does not matter at all.

What the Principal thinks of me does not matter at all.

What the public thinks of me does not matter at all.

What the President thinks of me does not matter at all.

Not even what the student thinks of me matters at all.

What the student thinks of him or herself...........Matters to us all.

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We all talk of wanting a better world, yet most do nothing about the creation of it. We continue to have the same limiting beliefs about ourselves and our children expecting and waiting for the world to change, and then turn to blaming others when things don't...........when all we have to do is begin the change we want to see in the world by beginning to see the change within ourselves.

Each year more of us are born, for the most part entering school happy, free, and spirited, and knowing how to naturally learn. We leave school for the most part stressed-out from achieving "success", apathetic from "learning" year-after-year that we are "average" or "failures", and nearly all of us imprisoned and dispirited by the self-imposed limitations we have by now naturally learned to place on ourselves by the limited-thinking adults and people around us.

And we continue to add to the creation of a limited world where "That's just the way things are" and "It is what it is".

We need to change what we are teaching our children. We need not only to tell them, but to show them what's possible.

We need parents and teachers who are great angels and warriors of reality, that the power to change any bad situation lies within ourselves.

That the power to create what we want lies within ourselves when we focus on what we want.

And that it is our spirit that guides us in this creation and our passion that sets us free to follow it.

We need more students like these feeling this spirited and passionate about themselves after the first two and three days of state testing, most of which are from children I was told were "just average" or "below-level students" at the beginning of the year.

These children were quickly told, "There is nothing average about you. There has never been someone exactly like you and there never will be again. YOU ARE THAT SPECIAL! And you ALL have some talent or gift that ONLY YOU can bring to this world.......and I CANNOT, and WILL NOT allow you to have average thoughts about yourself when it means the world will miss out on the gifts you are here to bring to it."

And this is how they responded:

"It was the first time I actually liked the FCAT, and made so much sense of it. It was so fun to not be nervous and not worrying about having to memorize anything. All I had to do was make sense of everything and anything on there. I even laughed at some of the questions because they were so easy.

Wow, I now know what can happen if you don't memorize, but actually make sense of it and make a real, life thing you do every day. I really think anyone can do what they want it they Dream Big, DO BIG, AND BE BIG!!

(And all around this paper was written:)

"It was fun. Do great things. Take challenges. You can live your dream. Live life. Long growth. Take failure as a path to succeeding. Have confidence."


Wow, that test was so easy!! Some questions that were on there were so easy because all you had to do was make sense of it. Set yourself to a higher standard. Raise the bar. If you want to be big, you can't just dream it, you have to do it. You have to do things in order to get where you want to be. Don't wait, DO!

Don't procrastinate. Live Your Dream. Do what you can when you can. Have fun. Don't let go of U. Don't let yourself down. You can turn your life around.


My feelings on the FCAT were great! I had full and powerful feelings that I was going to get a 7 on the FCAT. I hold myself to higher standards. I will not get a 4.999. I will get a 5 or 7!

(The highest possible score is a 5. This student didn't seem to care about that :-)


I want it to be harder because the average teacher does not teach the way to get you to succeed in life and they didn't dream big, do big, be big so they're going to teach you what they were taught.


The first part of the FCAT was so easy I didn't need to work on it. Still most questions were so easy I did it in my head but still I evaluated. For some reason the first part I felt like ripsticking through because it was so easy. But the second part was hard. Even though I stopped and I think No, No, No....I KNOW I GOT A 5

DO GOOOOOD. Dream Big. Do Big.


The FCAT was so easy! I knew all the answers. I worked every night and I think I'll get a high score. This was the only FCAT that was easy for me. It was easy because I DREAM BIG.....DO BIG...AND I'LL BE BIG!


The truth is that two days before the FCAT I wasn't worried at all. I knew it was going to be easy. I felt that it wasn't that serious. This is because of the way Mr. Stuart taught me. He always tells me to explain why, which helps me a lot instead of trying to guess. He teaches me in a higher level and letting me understand instead of remembering. I thank everything to Mr. Stuart. Now I will use all of the things he taught me and apply it to my life.


It was somewhat easy and the questions weren't challenging. Make it hard please!!!!


I feel the FCAT was too easy! I was able to make sense of it easily because of what I did in class, not doing the traditional way of teaching!!!!



I thought the FCAT would be kind of hard but I was wrong it was so easy. When I looked at some questions they were so easy that I only had to do it in 2 seconds. But some questions I had to look at carefully and think a lot but that did not stop me.


I believed in myself. I felt confident. It was fun. I made sense of it. I believe if you dream big, do big and be big you can do anything.


The first time the book touched my desk I thought I was going to die, but that changed. The first question I saw I started laughing in my mind over nothing. I know I am weird. Well, it was easy!


I thought that FCAT was easy and I could really make sense of all the questions they gave me.


The 2 days of FCAT wasn't so bad. I felt butterflies moving in my stomach, but after the first couple of questions it went away. All was easy except maybe 1 or 2 questions.


Again! Easy! Reading was just as easy as the math was. And that just proves that the way Mr. Stuart teaches can teach you to make sense of everything you do and not just guess but prove your answer is correct.



Some students added other comments:

Why would you live your life when a couple of people are watching? Why not the whole world? Don't just live an OK life, live a fantastic life, live your dream. Have fun with your life. Do what you want. Make good choices. Think positive. Don't put others down. Accomplish great things. To do that we must not only act but also dream. Not only plan, but also believe. Dreams without actions stay dreams. Now you tell me do you want to be a tiny little pussy cat OR DO YOU WANT TO BE A TIGER???"

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. Be your best. Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today. Be somebody's hero.


Believe you can. You can't be positive if you are negative. be honest. Bring it! What is the one thing? The bigger the challenge, the bigger you. Don't live inside a shell. Instead break out of it. Learn from everyone around you. Learn from your mistakes.

Just because people don't believe in themselves it doesn't mean you can't. Well all I know is that if everyone believes, anything can happen!!




Man gets tired, Spirit don't
Man surrenders, Spirit won't
Man crawls, Spirit flies
Spirit lives when Man dies

Man seems, Spirit is
Man dreams, Spirit lives
Man is tethered, Spirit is FREE

What Spirit is MAN CAN BE

Do the impossible. Make it happen.


Positive POWERFUL Thinking

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Brosden made no mistakes yesterday, hitting every part of his routine perfectly. That's because he decided to leave out the part he failed on the day before. His team lost 1st place by 0.7 points. Even though he missed the move the day before, the difficulty score was so high it gave his team a higher starting score and they were in first place with one day left to go.

Even if he had missed again yesterday his team may have still won.

I put my hand on his shoulder and shared this with him. I didn't tell him I was disappointed nor did I tell him everything was OK, that "tomorrow's another day".

That's not positive thinking. Positive thinking is taking a good hard look at where you failed, and saying, "I could have done better. I am more than this. And I am positive I can and will change this."

With my other hand I put it out to the side and told him right next to us is the Brosden that faced his fears. We just can't see him because you haven't created him.

But I can see him and I can help him see it and create it too.

I told him I saw two people. One full of confidence, full of courage, full of happiness......full of excitement and zest to break through his next imagined fear and suppossed limitation.

And I saw another that instead of being full of life and positive results, was full of excuses. Saturday he told me he missed his pass because his pants were coming down. Yesterday morning he told me he slept funny on his arm and didn't think he should try such a difficult move. After the competition he told me his coach didn't want him to try it when that is not what his coach told him.

I asked him why he was crying. He told me it was because I was making him feel bad. I took his face in my hands and said, "No son. I'm making you feel alive; alive with everything you truly are. No one can have courage for you any more than they can eat your dinner for you. YOU have to do it. You have to BELIEVE you can do it.........

........And believing in yourself is one of the scariest things you'll ever do. Most days I dream so big at what we all can be that it scares the hell out of me. And that's good because I don't want hell inside of me.....And neither do you! Don't make room for it."

On the drive home he said out loud how he wished he had another chance to do it again. I told him he did, that as long as he has breath he has life. And that as long as he has life he has EVERYTHING he can ever want; another moment to believe in himself v. doubt, to face his fears v. shrink, to laugh v. cry, to love v. hate......to do and be everything he wished he would have done and been in the past.........he now has the chance to do in the now.

He smiled at me and said, "OK Dad, I get it now. You can stop opening up the fortune cookies."

This made me laugh and put my hand on his shoulder again and say, "OK. One last thing. I am proud of you for having the strength and courage to believe you are more than you did just a few hours ago. This is what success is and the beginning of the creation of your best life."

As I made fun of myself ("Ahhhh! Fortune cookies breaking open all over the place. I can't stop!") the laughter continued as we stopped to get something to eat. Bella, who is very particular about wanting only ketchup on her cheeseburger, said, "I would like just ketchup and cheese please.......just ketchup and cheese........and the meat.........and the bun."

Brosden and I being very dramatic played this up saying to Luis behind the counter, "Now you got that Luis? Please include the meat and bun, because sometimes she wants a cheeseburger without the burger and bun, just a slice of cheese and ketchup. We can make that at home but she seems to like it better when we order it."

Life is made of these moments. And the big smile on Luis' face let me know we were also making memories.

And that failing only becomes failure when we give up. It isn't who we are, only where we are. (Bella and I with raisins in our teeth, with the tray she wrote "I love you Dad" on with her fork.)

Sometimes we are afraid to fail because of what others might think of us. That is our ego getting in our way. (Reading great works of poetry to my kids with someone's pants on my head).

Insecure people love to see others fail because it makes them feel better about their own failures and lack of courage. Who cares what insecure people think of us? Let's start caring more about helping them feel more secure about themselves, even if it means they think less of us in the process. We can look in the mirror and validate ourselves.

Bella asked to see my phone last night. When I woke up this is the picture I saw on my screen saver. This is what gives me the fuel to keep going.....Another's love for life shining through......Every kind comment letting me know that they see it and feel it too.

(And Sofia whom we miss very much. The kids no longer have the same weekends together. God love her. She constantly reminds me how to live happy and fearlessly free, and I will not train her out of that.)


I See Him Rising Above

Just dropped off Brosden and Bella for their second day of cheer competition. Yesterday Brosden raced across the floor flying through the air in a number of flips, jumps and rotations, coming to the end of the matt finishing with the most difficult part of his routine, jumped high in the air, and with the world watching.........missed and fell flat on his face.

His mom had taped it so I got to watch it over and over, even in slow motion. I told him I was impressed, that if he was going to make a mistake he might as well make it a big one. We watched Surf's Up in his honor where Cody wipes out big time surfing and it's played over and over and over.

This morning he said he wasn't going to try it again because he missed yesterday. I told him to ask his coaches for what they thought and to listen. Then I added, that if he did find the courage to try it again today, he's already won a great victory in himself whether he lands it or not, by overcoming his fear.

And if he did land it, his courage to face his fears gives others watching permission to do the same.

He spent the rest of the drive closing his eyes visualizing landing a perfect routine, and telling me how he felt as he made each move.

Now it's up to him to make his dream a reality. What he chooses to do, chooses the reality he will live in .........One of succumbing to fear which creates limitation........Or one of rising above fear and becoming a limitless being.

I see him rising above.


This is WHERE We Are

When I got up to grade my students' work I said, "Well, let's find out where they are".........and began picturing their faces realizing how far they've come as I walked down the stairs.

I never looked at them and said, "This is WHO they are". That may be who they thought they were, but I saw them as, "This is WHERE they are."

This is where all of their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions have brought them. I match that against where they need to be to determine what we need to do to get there. (Sofia stretching before the big Skee-ball tournament)

We can do the same thing with others as well as ourselves. When we look in the mirror and say "This is who I am", that's only our ego speaking. Since we are humans being, it's more effective to say, "This is WHERE we are".

If where we are has created limited happiness, limited success, limited relationships, etc. then it's because of having limited thinking, feelings, beliefs and actions. We are probably looking for something or someone outside of ourselves to change how we feel inside about ourselves (If I had better grades or more money I'd be happier. If I find the right person to love me and tell me I'm OK then my life would be so much better.)

The problem with this is that staying the same yet wishing for more can only bring more of the same.

If we don't like where these limitations have brought us in our evolution we simply choose to have less limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions. (If I were happier I would do my work with more gusto and opportunities to make better grades/more money will come into my life. If I become the right person and already know I'm OK, then other healthy people will be attracted to me.)

One way to do this that I've been encouraging the kids to do is to think of the person they would like to be, and imagine what this person would think, feel, believe and do.....and then do that. In this way they move forward more and more to becoming that ideal person.

Instead of finding themselves in the same situations getting the same results (same grades, same income, same relationships) they find themselves BECOMING more and getting results that are more (better grades, better income, better relationships).

And although I'm sure they will do well on the state tests over the next 2 weeks, they don't need these scores to tell them they are smart or worthy as human beings. They are now humans being already KNOWING they are smart and worthy, and that every day is an exciting opportunity to grow and evolve into the unlimited beings they are........just like we do.