Taylor, Florencia and Katie doing well enough on their in-class reading assignment to take time off and play a little Spanish air guitar to the music of The Gipsy Kings (I got to play just because I'm the teacher - and, well, I need to have fun too).

Shaquan knocking down walls that held him back only one day before.

Chad doing the same.

Katie doing the same.

100% of the class is caught up in their reading!!!!!!!!!

This is proof to me that you can change your life in 24 hours. In school all you have to do is go to bed smarter than you were when you woke up. This also applies to being stronger, happier, healthier, wealthier (whatever your goal is).

It IS possible. It IS being done. As children and adults we incorrecttly learn this change has to happen in big ways, all at once, and tend to give up when it doesn't.

Big shots are just little shots who kept on firing.


The heroes of room 208 are doing it in just the first seven days of school. Let's grab hold of their courage and do it too as adults; seven days from now being much more than we are today!

You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.
Jack London

Nature ~ Wonderful ~ Pure ~ Rich ~ Real


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Wishing You Passion in Peacefulness

- Adam


Knocking Down the Walls Before Us

I've heard that you're as big as the obstacle that stops you. But I also know that sometimes the obstacle seems like an insurmountable wall in front of you.

I know this is what many students think. Once you get behind in school, what you're expected to know seems to pile up faster than you can learn it, and the wall gets higher and higher, until you wonder why you should even try......if you're never going to be able to climb it anyway.

Good God, Mighty Mohammed and Brazen Buddha......if a child is learning, AND ALLOWED TO LEARN, to give up on him or herself in school, what kind of future is in store for them as an adult?!?

I'm beginning to think the kids who act up in school are the ones who still know inside that they are capable of more, it's just no one has figured out how they best learn and/or still believes they can learn, let alone Dream Big, Do Big, and BE BIG!

Some of these kids need our help in knocking down the walls in front of them. What usually happens is the kid is knocked down; in confidence, in self-esteem, in self-worth.

Yes I made Miguel cry yesterday because I wouldn't let up, I wouldn't back down and I wouldn't give up on him. He brought nothing into the classroom from the weekend. I put my hands on his desk, looked him in the face and told him that he WAS NOT nothing, and I wouldn't allow him to bring nothing. I've yet to meet a failure and I DON'T KNOW HOW TO ALLOW SOMEONE TO FAIL. So I see the best in them and work to help them see it too.

Well, my tough love made tears come down his face. I got out my phone and called my mother in Ohio, who says I should be training marines, not kids, because I'll make them cry. I lightened up but still kept believing in him in my head, hoping I had lifted him up versus knocking him down.

And this is the note I got from his mother this morning:

Dear Mr.Stuart,
........... Yesterday I was impressed that Miguel just wanted to read like if there was no tomorrow he read the thirty minutes on one book then he read for about one hour and 33 minutes I was in shock.
Thank you for whatever it is that you are doing to motiviate my son to read please keep doing it.
I hope that he reads as much as you needed him to read. I know that you are very busy but when you get the chance if you can write in a letter or you can call me if by any chance I dont pick up that probably means that I am still working you can leave me a message.
Thank you for being an awesome teacher my son talks about you everyday but dont worry they are good things.

Have a great day
Miguel`s mom

And here's my reaction (lifting Miguel up to demonstrate his new view of the world).

This takes energy. Energy I don't really have. But it's needed so I will dig deep and find it, and draw it from friends, children family = LOVE.

And it leaves me with no time

no time for worry, doubt (myself or others)

of the wall in front of me just gets higher and higher

Now if I can get some students to STOP reading - Taneacea the Terminator reads well past bedtime. I had to tell her I won't credit past 9pm - she read till 4am Monday night - I think I'm firing them up too much - Better than not enough :-)

Must go pick up Sofia for school, take her to class, visit her in class, pick her up from class - With Love, anything IS possible - it is my life source anyway

Surfing Waves of Emotion

......................LIFE EROTIC...........
.............LIFE SUBLIME .................................................
..............................LIFE PSYCHOTIC...................
LIFE DIVINE.........................

.......................................Life and its emotions
.......................................A simple simplistic rhyme

.......................................Not demons to be feared
.......................................Forces from which we hide

......................................They are choices to be made
......................................Empowering waves that we can ride

We can't decide which waves come to us from the ocean of life.
We can only decide which ones we're going to surf.

(My life-loving son, playing in the rain - this past Sunday night)

Peace, Passion & Play!

Practice Picking Better Waves to Ride Today!

- Adam Stuart


Love Longing - Crone Wisdom

A friend asked what our obsessions were. I'm paraphrasing my reactive response.

LIVING LIFE before paying the final price ,
Giving up this human experience,
Going down into the ground,
Beginning the climb back up,
To the spiritual realm
From which I came.

Then I read this post by LoVe*addict, and saw in it's truth the foolishness of two things:

1. Looking outside for the love that must first come from within.

2. Not having fun with this wonderful adventure we call life,
afraid to live - instead of living with a lust for life, fully appreciating this experience we have been given as spiritual beings having a human journey.............


Wishing you,

Inner Strength, Inner Harmony,
Inner Happiness, Inner Passion

Enjoy, from LoVe*addict's friend, Moriah:

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: LoVe*addict
Date: Aug 26, 2007 10:52 AM

Crone Wisdom

by Moriah

You are really in search of yourself, without knowing it. You are love~longing for the love-worthy, the perfect lovable. Due to ignorance you are looking for it in the world of opposites and contradictions. When you find it within, your search will be over.

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Love & Thanks to
posted by Moriah
forwarded w/Love,



These are pictures of my Sofia meditating.

After she had watched me she said it was her turn.

I was in awe as I watched her.......

Making me think that it's true......

We know so much as a child.......

....and forget as we get older.

Enjoy the post by Odyssey Spirit.....

From: Odyssey Spirit ~~Chris tina~~
Date: Aug 25, 2007 6:27 PM

- by Kiara Windrider

"Enlightenment is the only solution to all problems faced by man today;
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I have heard a lot about the idea of enlightenment. What is it really? Is enlightenment really possible in this day and age?
Simply stated, enlightenment is the dissolution of the sense of a fixed, separate self. Once we realize that our concept of the self is an illusion, we become capable of experiencing ourselves as a flow of consciousness that is no longer subject to the limits and conditioning of the mind. And yes, it is possible in this day and age.

Why is that?
It has to do with an evolutionary cycle for humanity and the Earth. We are moving out of a Kali Yuga, an age of darkness and chaos, into a Satya Yuga, an age of awakening into light. This transition began in the year 2003 AD, and will reach a 'critical mass' by the end of the year 2012 AD.

How can Bhagavan claim to simply give enlightenment to people?
Many people associate enlightenment with extraordinary effort, struggle, discipline, and asceticism - resulting from a total renunciation of the world and complete dedication to the spiritual path. Nothing can be further from the truth. Enlightenment cannot be achieved through effort, no matter how hard you try. In fact, these efforts themselves can become our greatest obstacle! It is would be like trying to pull yourself out of quicksand by tugging at your own hair. Most Indian traditions teach that enlightenment can only be given as a gift of grace. In this case, the grace is a product of a neurobiological change in the brain.
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How does this neurobiological shift happen?
It happens through means of a transfer of energy known as the 'deeksha', which is programmed by Bhagavan and Amma to repattern the structure and physiology of the brain. Once this process completes itself, a person finds himself or herself in a permanent state of enlightenment. This is not necessarily a mystical state, but simply a state of experiencing reality as it is, without the limiting filters and conditioning of the human mind.

Would I have to give up my present lifestyle if I were to become enlightened?
Only if you want to. You do not have to go vegetate in a cave somewhere, unless you feel like it. Bhagavan emphasizes that enlightenment is a very natural state, and that a person would if anything become much more functional, joyful, loving, and efficient in every aspect of life.

Do I have to change my religion in order to come to the Golden City?
Religion has nothing to do with enlightenment, nor even spirituality. It is a purely neurobiological phenomenon. Once enlightened, your guiding light will come from within yourself, and you will reconnect with the essence within whatever religion or spiritual tradition you belong to or don't belong to.

How long will it take to become enlightened?
It depends on many factors, including the state of your chakras and nadis, your childhood conditioning, your fears and resistance to change, your concepts of God, and your karmic destiny. Some people have become enlightened with just one deeksha, others require a much longer period of time. Bhagavan says that everyone, as long as they are in a human body, WILL become enlightened.

What about people who have died?
Once the mass enlightenment takes place, they too will become enlightened, says Bhagavan.

How can you promise enlightenment in such a short time, when so many of us have been struggling for lifetimes without coming an inch closer to this?
It is not so short a time. Humanity has been on the path for a very long time. We have now entered the Golden Age, and new energies are available to humanity that were not available before. Bhagavan says that we have already done our sadhana. Now is the time to complete this journey as a human species.

Is enlightenment the end of our spiritual journey? What comes afterwards?
No, it is like stepping through a doorway into a new world, but the journey is without limits! The journey is just beginning.
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How will I know when I become enlightened?
You will know you are enlightened when you are no longer trying to become enlightened. Suffering is essentially the resistance to experiencing reality as it is. Once enlightened you will no longer be forever seeking to change, deny, defend, or deify your experience of reality. You will naturally experience the present moment for what it is.

What does enlightenment look like?
Bhagavan speaks of enlightenment as making a hole in the wall of your mind. For some people it may take a little longer than for others. For some people it may be a tiny crack at first, while for others the entire wall may collapse at once. Regardless of how it happens, once you experience the hole in the wall, you can walk through the hole into a different perception of reality. Our senses become much more acute. Mystical realities begins to interpenetrate the ordinary realities of our daily lives. As we dissolve the sense of separateness that has kept us walled off from the rest of the universe, the entire universe can move and flow through us! But this must be experienced directly!

Will I be able to perform miracles when I become enlightened?
All life will become a miracle when you release the rigid conditioning of the human mind. What you call miracles then become the normal experience of life.

Will I be able to do my ordinary work when I become enlightened?
You will not be plucked out of the world. You will continue to live your life, do your work, engage in your relationships. As you become more present with each moment, each ordinary moment will become an extraordinary experience.

Will my relationships change when I become enlightened, and how?
You will discover that what you have called love was simply the survival needs of a neurotic self. You will begin to experience unconditional love and limitless joy in all your relationships, including your relationship with yourself!

Is mass enlightenment really possible, or is this wishful thinking?
The idea of mass enlightenment is based on natural law. Whether you call it the 'hundredth monkey phenomenon' or the law of 'entrainment', the idea is that when you have a certain number of people holding a 'higher' state of consciousness, what we call a 'critical mass', the mass consciousness automatically comes into resonance with it.

What is a morphogenetic field?
A 'morphogenetic field' is a term coined by biologist Rupert Sheldrake to represent a field of consciousness specific to a given species. The more members of a species that exhibit a certain trait, or vibrate to a certain consciousness, the easier it becomes for all the other members of that species to 'entrain' with that trait or consciousness!

Will I be able to heal people when I become enlightened?
What often happens is that your chakras and nadis become activated upon getting enlightened, which in turn activates the capacity for healing the body as well as emotional patterns from the past. The capacity for healing increases even more once you become God-realized.

Do you find that synchronicities in your life increase once you become enlightened?
Once you become enlightened, you are no longer trying to run your life from your limited perceptions of life and reality. You find that the entire universe moves through you. Synchronicities become a way of life, opportunities come your way with seemingly little effort, and life becomes spontaneous and easy.

It seems that enlightenment is generally an Eastern concept. Is it the same as becoming one with God?
It is a difference in emphasis. You can be enlightened without being God-realized. You can also be God-realized without being enlightened. But when the two go together, then you truly have the grace, power, and splendour of divine consciousness radiating through everything you are and do!

I keep hearing that Amma and Bhagavan are avatars. What is an avatar?
An avatar is a descent of divine consciousness, and can take many forms for many different purposes in order to accelerate the process of human evolution. We are at a time now as we enter the Golden Age when we preparing to transcend our current level of dualistic consciousness. Amma and Bhagavan are here with the specific mission to help humanity along this path.

What happens during the process offered by Oneness University?
You enter a fairly intense process of self-examination called "samskara shuddhi" during which you are offered the opportunity to see yourself from many facets, including the deep, dark and ugly. You see and clear your emotional issues, your negative conditioning and childhood patterns, and let go of the fixed ideas that have held you in suffering for so long. You then move along into a process of emptying, through which you see "through" the self, and thereby free yourself from the self. From this new state of being, one is prepared for the final phase of the 21-day process, which is the Divine Descent.

I have experienced states of enlightenment before. What makes this so different?
Perhaps it is not so different in some ways. The morphogenetic field of enlightenment is sweeping the planet, and many who have never been exposed to these states are spontaneously beginning to experience them all over the world. What many people experience with the deekshas, however, is not just occasional peak experiences but a neurobiological change in the brain, leading to a permanent state of enlightenment.

What is this dark night of the soul we hear so much about? It feels a bit frightening to me.
When we bring more light into the body, there is a corresponding emotional and biological reaction. Old barriers, physical blocks, and emotional patterns come to the surface in order to be released. The dark night of the soul represents a cleansing of the personal unconscious in preparation for a deeper descent of light, and is usually considered as a prerequisite for the deeper stages of mastery. Jesus experienced this dark night of the soul prior to his public mission as he 'wrestled with Satan' in the wilderness. Buddha also experienced this during his process of enlightenment as he fought the 'temptations of Mara'. It is only frightening as long as we are afraid to die. Once we realize that there is no 'self' left to die, a new dawn can begin.

You say that mass enlightenment will take place by 2012. Does this have something to do with the Mayan calendar?
The Mayan calendar does refer to 2012 as the ending of linear time, and the beginning of a new phase of experience for all creation. The Hindus also refer to this same time period as a critical moment for our collective transition into the next Golden Age. The two systems coincide, along with the visions of many people throughout the world, who have seen something new and exciting emerge on the planet around this time.

Does karma play a role in becoming enlightened? What happens to karma when you become enlightened?
Your personal karma is certainly a factor in bringing you to the doorway. Once you are at the threshold of enlightenment, however, only grace can take you through the doorway. And once the self is gone, so is your karma. There is still a measure of 'national' karma or 'human' karma that remains, but your 'personal' karma disappears along with self.

I have heard of enlightened beings who did not have a guru. How can you say that a guru must give it to you?
The guru does not have to be in physical form. He could be a divine being or even your own antaryamin. For most people, however, it is easier to trust and relate to someone who is incarnate in a physical body. The fact remains that it is a gift of grace, and must be given to you. It is like trying to escape from the prison of the mind using only the tools of the mind. The key is on the other side!

Can I expect to be enlightened when I come to do an enlightenment process at Golden City?
Let go of all expectations. You cannot achieve enlightenment through your own efforts no matter how hard you try. And if it is your time, you will be enabled to receive this gift no matter how hard you think you can resist! All you can do is to open your heart and say 'yes' to the experience. Let the deekshas do the rest. The universe will respond in perfect timing!

posted by odyssey spirit.....love and hugs always

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