The Children's Hour

I originally wrote this with Sofia in mind,
after our water fight today in my classroom after school.

I know I told my principal I'd be good,
and keep my room orderly being the golden rule

But behaving myself is just too much,
when childlike fun leaps into my heart

Knowing how to fill those around me with powerful happiness,
has become my work of art

For every child in all four classes is growing,
some as much as 900% higher from where they used to be

And the look of fire in their eyes today told me,
they were ablaze with the new horizons they could see

So when I begin to question my sanity for giving so much,
and not trying to teach but empower for life

I remind myself that for 60 minutes at a time I can do anything
And that this is the Children's Hour

A sample of the kind of growth happening just within the first 2 months of school:


4% 36% 900%
12% 48% 400%
16% 48% 300%
20% 48% 240%
20% 44% 220%
24% 52% 217%
28% 60% 214%
28% 60% 214%
36% 76% 211%
28% 56% 200%
36% 68% 189%
28% 48% 171%
48% 80% 167%
56% 92% 164%
44% 72% 164%
44% 72% 164%
32% 52% 163%
44% 68% 155%
48% 72% 150%
40% 60% 150%
48% 68% 142%
40% 56% 140%
36% 44% 122%
44% 52% 118%


I Do Know

No matter how difficult pursuing your dreams can be....I know it's worth it

And I know that the best way to go about a difficult task is to have an incredible time doing it

The staff got an email form the Big Cheese to please help the one cleaning person we're down to. As I looked around my room I realized I've once again let having a clean and organized room slip away from me.

I took the high road and admitted my fault, sending her this email:

"In my massive data crunching and “Everyone Must Grow” teaching method I’m once again letting this area slip.

But will I give up?

No! “No” I say!

Did I give up the hope I could be on time even though it has been a chronic problem in my past?

No! My past IS NOT my future! (97% On Time this year – only 1 day 5” late)

Did the Americans give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?


Then neither shall I!!!!!!!

(and all this energy after waking up and rock-and-rolling since 2am)"

(WARNING: possible offensive language for younger than adults people)

Success and achievement and all things related are made much more magical when experienced in an all-out state of enjoyment, even when no one seems to be following your lead.

I am extremely happy to report that the student who finished LAST among ALL 4th graders in math last year is FIRST in GROWTH of BOTH math classes......a 240% improvement in just two months.

Where he WAS is NOT where he IS now!

It's good to be a ridiculous dreamer.

All it takes is for at least one other person to believe with you.

He is my Hero. Just an ordinary person doing extra ordinary things

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I Don't Know Why

I don't know why it feels so good to call Grandma Bette every night.

I don't know why it was so much fun pushing Brosden in a shopping cart during our walk yesterday night.

I don't know why I feel so safe being wrapped around Bella's finger.

I don't know why I have the energy to eat breakfast with Sofia every morning before school and draw her a love note every afternoon.

I may not know why all these things happen.............But I know that all these things happening make life happy and fulfilling.