big dreams don't happen without big effort

and big effort doesn't happen if u aren't committed to making those dreams happen

it's a time on the year/journey of all teachers when we want to give up because things aren't going as planned

you've hit a bump in the road and obstacles that seem too tall

but if i don't quit on them now because it seems too hard

then maybe i'll teach them not to quit on themselves when life seems too hard

 maybe i'll teach them not to quit on the dreams they love and the people they love

maybe i'll teach them not to quit at all

and maybe they and their dreams will never have to hear the heart-breaking and dream-breaking words,

  i'm glad we ended it

i'm glad we're done

because there was no quitting by either of them at all

 i sat down and talked with the class yesterday

 i came in roaring like a lion and they came in as meek as sheep

i recommitted myself to helping make their dreams happen and asked them to recommit to me and what i was trying to do

i told them i don't care what their obstacles are as much as i care about them bigger than anything trying stop them

now and forever

and if we can re-commit to do this together

then we have a relationship that will last forever

we can give up on each other just as we can choose to keep working together

we just need to work smarter and stronger

and i'm holding out my hand asking them to take it for one day longer

 this morning these words came to my head:

will they respond big

 will they respond small

will they respond

not at all

  i've chosen to be in a loving, committed relationship with them

and i don't know how to give up on them

my love lasts forever

my effort only gets greater

 if they choose to give up and let our dreams go

 that's something i can’t control

 if their obstacles are just too large for them in their own minds

then i will continue to fight and break down all of mine

teaching this way is not easy

loving like this makes you feel crazy

often you’re left alone

left to walk this dream big path alone

 it doesn't mean it’s not the right

 it doesn’t mean that you’re wrong

 it just means you've chosen the path less taken

 and sometimes you’re left alone to fight the demons you’ve awakened

as i look into the darkness this morning

at all that still needs to be done

  i shrug my shoulders
i shake my head

yet i choose to keep going forward

and i choose to make this journey fun

even if it means i lose

even if it means the world of what is laughs at this loser for trying

  i know this was something trying for and believing in

and choose for one more day to make it fun again

and i choose to say one word for one more day to all that "can't be done"