Hell's Angels

Wake up feeling good. My Sofia is with me for the next 10 days over Spring Break. Feeling lots of love and of all the good I can do in the world with this great power I feel.

Start thinking that maybe some angels come from Hell. They survive hellish tortures in their human lives, rising from it even more loving, and more determined to spread all the good they can in the world. Hell wasn't hellish enough to kill their strong spirit.*

They are reborn as impassioned warriors to fearlessly fight hate with love, sadness with joy, and doubt with belief. Even though they will be often doubted and their intentions questioned, they will continue to do it anyway.

They are stronger and "badder" than the demons that seem to infect so many and cause them to make other's lives worse. Anyone in these angel's lives will be filled with an abundance of love, happiness, confidence and possibility.........Heaven exists inside of them and around them.

"When we are young
And covered in love,

We completely believe
We are gifts from above."

- from my poem, "The Artist in You"

Angels walk among us, around us, and in us. They take the shape of a good parent, a good friend, a good lover..............and the good love of a child.

The bell dings. Sofia is letting me know she has a boo-boo. "Dal mio cuore, ai miei labbri, a ti", (From my heart, to my lips to you" - as I touch my heart, kiss my fingers and then place it on her "owee"). Her boo-boo is healed. The angels inside us give us magical healing powers.

"Daddy I want to do my 'talk dwallings' (chalk drawings)."
"Go ahead Honey, do your chalk drawings."
"But I can't open the door."
"Yes you can, just solve your own problem."
"But I don't know how."
"Well, what do you know how to do?"
"Lift the stick."
"Then lift the stick.....Good Job! Now what 's next?"
"Swide the door."
"Yes, so slide the door."

"Oh! I did it! I did it!"
"Yes you did. See how smart you are?"
"Daddy I'm five now."
"And you're a smart five!"
"Yeah, I know Daddy" - (The confidence of her angel is speaking to mine, and I feel happy.)

"Yes....yesssss I know Daddy." - (If Shakespeare could use 24,000 different words correctly in his body of work, my children and students can learn to use a few correctly in their speech ("yes" v. "yeah").

"Gwazie Papa."
"Prego Sofia. And Grazie a ti. Ti amo."

Hell's Angels aren't all bad.....we can play hopscotch, too.

*To read a great song/poem by "The Waterboys" called "Spirit", click here. It was sent to me by my best friend, Brian Donovan, who makes the world an incredible place for children with his "Mighty Me Training Camp", acting classes for inner city youth, and doing cartoon and anime voices such as "Jetix" on Toon Disney.)


Anonymous said...

lilkimmy44 -- Inspiring reading Adam :) and yes I DO believe that some angels come from hell! They had to come from a place where they learned how to toughen us up so that we can grow as we walk away from our mistakes (and to not look back feeling regrets all of the time). I believe some of our mistakes create unexpected stepping stones to build a brighter future.

Adam Stuart said...

Yes! If every day is one of growing, we will never grow old, we just keep growing; stronger, smarter and more capable of creating a healthier, wealthier, and happier world for ourselves and those around us. We become UNLIMITED!