You're NOT Going to Hell

Better starve free than be a fat slave.

Aesop(620 BC-560 BC)

This reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from the movie Braveheart. "Every man dies, not every man really lives"

It continues to amaze me the similarity and connectivity between the thinking of the world's greatest historical figures.

"Live Free! Live Free!" their spirits seem to call from a parallel world next to ours. "Don't wait! Unchain yourself NOW!"

In either "The Way of the Superior Man" or "The Way of the Warrior" (doesn't matter, the learning, or "the way" has been achieved) a warning is sounded that since we are no longer faced with the imminent dangers we had to face long ago, man has gotten lazy and soft.

We become confused at what's worth fighting for. Men today (and women) have hardly a clue at what strength and honor is. Being a real man is judged more on income than on parenting. Real men provide both.

Men are willing to throw away their dreams to take care of their women (I used to know one of these men personally). Real men do both; pursuing their own dreams while taking care of their woman's needs.

And what the neighbors think is more important than what a man sees when he looks in the mirror.

Fears of failure, chains of guilt, and the demons of doubt are self-imposed prisons for too many of us. We don't think with our minds and listen to our hearts in taking a chance on true happiness, real joy and truly fulfilling careers.

Don't be afraid of dying; be afraid of dying without having lived. Last night I was nearly rammed by a high-speed chase that at best would have left me in a coma. I talked to God, telling him he better not take me that way. I do not want to die in a car crash or with cancer.

Take me working too hard for my family, scaling down cliffs or fighting off a mountain lion, or protecting a child from an abusive father. But do not take me not really living, I'll show up pissed.

I can't control when my last breath is breathed, but I can control whether I imprison myself or not. I would teach and write for free, and pretty much do. But I am happy now, fearless and free. I couldn't say this when I was in business, one month even pulling in close to $10,000.
That money is gone now, as is the "happiness" it gave me.

I am finally pursuing my own mission in life. With all the writing projects coming in it is certain that lasting wealth will finally make itself a home in my life. And it all came from busting out of my own prison and breaking the chains I had bound myself with.

And I know for certain I'm not going to Hell. God does not decide this, He lets us choose. I think He spoke through a woman (and according to my aunt "He" is a woman) when Eleanor Roosevelt said something about Hell beginning on the day you see everything you could have been, all the happiness you could have had, had you not been afraid to go after it.

Go after it with me today! Hell isn't a fun place to be, just ask anybody who doesn't believe in themselves, stays in a miserable marriage, or sees the world as a terrible place. Living fearlessly and free is much better, almost as if it's Heaven on Earth???

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