Laugh and the Whole World Laughs With You

If "Smile and the whole world smiles with you" is true, then it's also true that "Laugh and the whole world laughs with you".

At least that's what happened yesterday.

While eating it seems some of Sofia's food kept disappearing.

The culprit was finally caught.

And I noticed others were smiling and laughing at this brother-sister comedy.

It's good to bring smiles, laughter and love to the world.

It's very satisfying to see your children do it.-

You know you must be doing something right.

And as is always true, everything that is real and that lasts starts from the inside-out.

Real happiness, love, fulfillment, wealth, etc. never exists outside oneself.

When you see and feel these things and your dreams inside of you you don't have to seek it elsewhere,

which allows you to have more of these things to share with others.

The happiness and love that exists between my children and myself begins with the happiness and love we have inside ourselves.

Together we create it in our home,

then bring it outside into the world.

And a day spent being happy brings a night of good rest.

Today was a good day.

A very good day.


Anonymous said...

Adam - What a great foundation you are giving your children: laughter, love, respect, values, reponsibities, and what a family is made of. tj
The best thing to spend on your child is your time. Louise Hart

Adam Stuart said...

Thank you TJ. You Da Man!