"America" Begins Again

There are so many different things that make America what it is. Baseball is one of them. Last night it started again for the Stuart family. Opening Ceremonies were held, with Brosden leading off the relay race around the bases for his team. "Wild Thing", his team nickname, is a speedster.

It was great seeing the excitement on the faces of the kids, who were happy just to be there and enthused with the idea that "this season is the one their team wins it all". The next few months are filled with opportunity for coaches, teammates and parents to instill positive and very powerful beliefs in their heads. Beliefs that will help them live confidently, successfully and happily as adults.

It was also great catching up with other parents, watching younger siblings run around us, and realizing we're standing smack dab in the middle of an important part of American culture. "America" was happening, right now, as was America's future.

Right now, in my own little America, an animated discussion is happening downstairs. Brosden and Bella are telling Sofia that she can't take all the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms. Sofia is telling them that she can.......

....I just came back. Sofia proved to be right, because she's done it, taking them all out and eating them up.

She and Bella have also changed their brother's team from the Orioles to the Oreos, "because Oreos are so delicious".


Anonymous said...

My kindergartener also eats all the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms so I started buying the small fruit flavored marshmallows so he can have his own bag!

Jan from SD

Adam Stuart said...

Good idea. We never did come to a concensus on the issue. It was time to go to his game and the "post trial" discussion seemed to center on "that is not fair at all".