A Great Day!

While Brosden had baseball practice, Bella read to me and Sofia (the little one took these pics - impressive for an almost five year old).

Bella comes up with some great ideas for Dad's andventure/learning book about her and her siblings, "Once Upon a Tree".

Baseball practice over. It's time for some football.

Sofia applies some face paint to Dad.

She jumps into my arms, facing her fear of heights and ready to go!

Dad and son discuss strategy.

Team Stuart has a great time!


Anonymous said...

lilkimmy44 -- Looks like you all had a fun day! ;) Your kids are beautiful Adam.

Adam Stuart said...

Thank you. Yes we did and yes they are. Fortunately they have the look of their mother and not their father. :-)

Love, Laughter and Longevity

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet and heart-filling. Your a great multitasker{including dad and teacher}.\


Adam Stuart said...

Thanks AJ. I do what needs to be done, while they are young.