I Have No Time

I wake up early and go to bed late. In the meantime I try to fit in as much as I can; accomplishing goals, keeping New Year's resolutions, earning a living, being there for my loved ones, and trying to take time for myself and my own needs. And I realize I absolutely have no time, no time at all.

I have no time to doubt myself
I have no time for a negative thought

No time to be stopped by fear
No time to ignore those I hold most dear

I have no time not to laugh
I have no time not to play

No time not to get work done
No time to only work all day

I have no time not to be my best
I have no time not to give myself rest

No time to wait for happiness to come to me
No time not to see happiness lies within me

I have no time
Because time..... is ALL I have

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