One is All it Takes - Take Two

Due to the kind and insightful comment from a reader I have changed part of the original post. See the part highlighted in green below..

I only have one son, and this one son has turned out to be as wonderful as having ten. I can't explain it, and believe it or not, I can't put into words how much I knew I would love him as I watched him grow inside his mother's belly. It's as if we've been together many lifetimes before this one; the sense of peace and camaraderie is so soothing to my soul.

This morning while at his sister's cheer banquet we raced to see who could find the most words on the word search. One is all it takes to find happiness, find fun, find new memories to make, one moment at a time.

*Last night I took a break from writing my paper for grad school by laying down with him for a quick second. He was lying in my bed and wanted me to watch a movie with him. I asked him what I should do about the promise I made to my professor to have my already-late paper done the night before (baseball games Friday night and Saturday morning, who-knows-what that afternoon but we did it together).

He said "OK". I asked him if he knew he was more important to me than getting my masters (which is VERY important to me). He said he did know. I said "really? Do you really know that?" He took my face in his hands and said "Yes, Dad, I really know that." He wrapped his arms around my neck, told me he loved me, then said "Now get back to work" as he patted me on the back.

It took me until 3am to finish but at least I know my son knows how important he is to me, and is not spoiled by it or takes it for granted (which is what women seem to do. The more you cover them in love the more spoiled they become.....another story but an answer to why I'm still single). ***Thanks to the comment of a reader I have already changed this declaration to a much more positive and empowering: "which is what SOME women seem to do". Who knows? Perhaps this is what I needed to learn to trust again? (CLICK HERE to go to the original post and read the "comments" to see why I've changed my thinking on this).

"When we are young and covered in love, we completely believe we are gifts from above." - Me (from "The Artist in You". CLICK HERE to read it.

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Anonymous said...

You and Brosden have this great connection that will last a life time. You are such a great influence on him, as well as, him on you I think. tj