Riding on Thunder

Rolling thunder down the road

Down the Fours for evermore

Riding the I4 and 408

Pavement passes underneath his feet

Revving the throttle and kicking the horse

Cruising past cars left in his wake

Motorcycle man is at it again

Making time to see his children and get to work

Going to the gym and then grad school

The sun glimmering off his skin

He leaves in the morning

And comes home at night

The wind in his face

Keeps him cool in flight

Long days for this traveler

Takes up all his might

Only to burn the midnight oil

Chasing midnight dreams

Writing books and poetry

At times it seems insane

Dawn coming through the windows

Before he’s able to put the pen down again

Without much sleep he's back on his horse

Riding down the road on thunder again..........

Copyright © 2007 by Adam Stuart


Anonymous said...

Thta was a great poem! You are such a great person!
This is from 1 of your favorite students!Guess who! I really miss you!

Anonymous said...

Go, motorcycle man!!The energizer bunny has nothing over you. BG & M