What if They Don't Want Me to Succeed?

I came upon this while reading from the book "The Law of Attraction":

"Jerry: Is it possible to create effectively when we're in the company of people who strongly oppose what we want?

Abraham: By focusing upon what you desire, you could ignore their opposition. If you oppose their opposition, however, then you would not be focused upon what you want , and your creation would be affected. It is easier to walk away....in order to stay focused upon your desire.

Removing yourself from opposition is not necessary. Just focus upon what you want, and by the power of your own clarity, you will be able to positively create under any circumstances."

From my experience, while some people celebrate others' success, there are others that act as crabs, trying to pull the ones getting out of the trap back in.

"No one ever kicks a dead dog." I read this years ago from a Dale Carnegie book and it's always stayed with me, probably because it took so long for me to truly understand it. If you're not striving for and achieving success, the average person does not seem to mind, maybe because you're seen as "one of them".

It's only when you have the courage to continue dreaming, fighting for and achieving dreams that the average man has given up on within himself, that you attract attention. And some unhappy people can't stand seeing others happy, and try to kick you or knock you down.

I teach in an unusual way, and encounter every year a few who criticize me because of this. They rarely do this to me of course, but talk about me behind my back. Had I let myself focus on their limited thinking, there is no way I could have maintained the energy it took to produce expanded thinking in my students. And as a teacher, I work for my students, and no one else.

Yesterday my class received the results of the hardest county reading test of the year. They averaged an "A". I'm working on a post for them on their site called "This Only Happens in the Movies".

We have a choice. You and I can focus on those who oppose our success, and fail. Or we can focus ONLY ON what we want to happen, and allow that to become our reality, and succeed.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. Glad you're finally reading this book. If you can open your mind to it, you realize why things happen to you. Reading it was very much an "aha" moment for me. J

Anonymous said...

lilkimmy44 -- This is the law of attraction that I had told you about a while back (the secret). I see the DVD in the video stores now.

Powerful stuff, huh?!!! :)