Twenty Battles for Twenty Hearts

Waking from a sleep that seems much too short
Slowly stepping across the den floor in the dark

Stretching each muscle that is sore
Shaking the stiffness from each joint

The great war for the greatness in man
Always takes a lot out of him

Looking out from the opening of his den
How many dawns he needed to draw strength from to fight again

It's been twenty battles
For twenty hearts

Each one has been won somehow
Each one being a loving work of art

The war is now over
All battles have been fought

Twenty minds ablaze with all they've become
And not one forgot


Roaring loudly as they depart


Feeling unstoppable in their highest art

The impossible dream has been dreamt and done
The lion looks out at this new dawn........

And roars loudly in the early morn

Copyright © 2007 by Adam Stuart

*This is for my students, who yesterday got back the results of the state NRT reading and math tests. The class average was an "A" on BOTH.

Getting them to FEEL unstoppable was hard enough. Giving them the skills to actually BE unstoppable was a whole new level of effort.

I am tired. But I am happy.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Adam! You're a natural at implementing extreme learning. Extreme learning is all about helping students learn by providing an intense learning experience. An "A" class average...amazing. J