Dream AND Do

"You should do the work yourself, for buddhas only teach the way."


No matter what religion, philosophy, or spirituality you subscribe to, knowing is not enough. You must do. You must act on what you know is the right course of action, career, and life mission for you.

My mother once explained the difference between being dumb and being stupid. One of my siblings had called another "stupid" (I know it couldn't have been me. I was the perfect one :-).

She explained that being dumb, or ignorant, meant that you didn't know any better, or weren't aware. Being stupid however, meant that you did know better, but were choosing not to do what you knew you should do.

You'll know your own way when you "feel" it. But following through on this is truly rare. How many of us can say we are trading the hours of our lives each day following our bliss?

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