Our Children Are Watching

Looking at the post from yesterday and appreciating Todd and Angie even more ("What is Love?"). I remember them calling their children while we were at the airport to say goodnight. I see "16" and "14" in my notes. Must be their children's ages.

What a wonderful example they have set for their children; a marriage that does work, that does last. I cannot say I have set the same example for my own children. I know I and their mothers have tried, but we could not do it.

I've heard them say things from "I'm never getting married" to "I'll marry a man, have a baby, then when I get tired of him I'll kick him out and marry another man."

Ouch! Not a great "reality" these children have learned so far. And it is too bad that so many of our nation's youth are growing up with this idea of marriage. Since it is truly "too bad", we cannot allow it to continue.

We must point to examples like Todd and Angie as proof that it does work, and the reasons why; such as appreciating each other and being consciously grateful for one another.

It does seem as though what you appreciate you continue to have in your life. What you take for granted is taken from you. And when you focus on the problems in a relationship all you get are more of the problems.

By thinking about, talking about and taking action on solutions to the problems we have in our relationships with our own children, we single parents are showing them how to do the same with the future person they fall in love with.

And if they still are pessimistic that they can find someone whose been taught the same skill, they can always become a marriage counselor. This seems to be a growing career field :)

.....to be continued

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