My Son

My Son

I fell in love with you before the day you were born

“I’ll love him forever with my entire soul” to God I had sworn

Every day since then your smiles and laughter have filled me like a sea

My Son, you have become an eternal part of me

You’re just a boy filled with so much that is good and true

I drink from The Fountain of Youth when I play with you

Every day we’re together I am born again

I drop to my knees and once more believe in both God and man

You’re in my life for a very important reason

You have given me reason to keep on believin’

Who you are has kept the hope alive,

That honest and true love is the key to Heaven, and living inside

- For Brosden Stuart, from Adam Stuart, two souls connected as Father and Son

I love you buddy.

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Copyright © 2007 by Adam Stuart
All Rights Reserved

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