Act on Your Intuitions, Before They Fade Away

Aha! Finally, I am inspired by a thought AND I have managed to create some time to write and post. It seems like forever since I’ve written anything outside of a grad school assignment. Now it’s just going to be free-form writing, letting it flow like sugar water from my veins, naturally and sweetly from inside of me.

And this is a good thought. The way it’s popping around as an idea in one part of my brain all the way to a memory on the other side, then ZOOMING back to an experience I had way back when, and now reaching up to shake hands with a vision occurring at the front of my head. Ooooh baby, such an insight! A real “A-HA!” moment.

With fingers ready to fly and rings ready to sing I sit down in front of my computer and open up my blogger “dashboard”. This will allow me to transfer thought technologically to timeless type and just write, write, write. So many neurons firing in my head now I can even alliterate in the letter “t” without breakin’ a beat. I’ll just let it all come out as soon as the website comes up……..Can’t wait…………Nothing happening on the screen in front of me……Still nothing happening……What’s this?....”Unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later.”

I’ll try again now; can’t wait. This insight is too great not to share with as many people as possible and get feedback, dialogue, and hopefully improvement on what’s been built in my head…….Just as soon as the blogger comes up…….Oh Yes! It’s going to stimulate thoughts and perhaps even inspire……….Oh No!....”Unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later.”

O.K. I’ll write it down. Pencil…paper…I’ll use the back of whatever this piece of paper is. I wonder if it’s something I’m supposed to read? Can’t worry about that now. Where’s a pencil? Where in the world is a pencil, or pen, or crayon? I’m a teacher for crying out loud! There’s got to be something in my desk…….Hey! My keys to the filing cabinet! That’s where they’ve been….Oh! And a pencil. Finally!

…………….Now what was it that I was thinking?........Wait a minute. I see only fragments of this great insight now. And they’re slipping away, back to the places in my mind from where they came. Nooooooo….Trying to grab them with imaginary hands but can’t………Too late…….Too late……

Now I see only four disconnected ideas, blinking faintly in a growing fog, having no idea how they connected themselves or what they meant…..They’re as distant from each other now as four unique individuals in four distant places in the world, whose paths were brought together for a brief moment in time to produce what could have been a dynamic and life altering experience. They felt it and saw it in each other’s eyes, but the opportunity was missed, a problem arose that kept the intuitions from being acted upon, and now the window of opportunity has closed…..

I hope these thoughts meet again. It definitely was a lesson in acting upon my intuitions and overcoming unforeseen problems. I had many, many insights and "A-HA" moments from my latest trip to Chicago, including witnessing a true love story at the airport (thank you Todd and Angie), creating the "city" (life) you want to live in inside your own mind (thank you Chicago - now my second home), and several others.

But it's time to wake up my Sleeping Beauty Bella, who spent the night after Date Night With Daddy, and take her to school. Then after teaching my truly most amazing students, it will be working on my assignment for grad school and then going to class (but on my freedom-riding motorcycle!). Then the gym and back to the library. And when I finally get home between midnight and 2am, work on this amazing opportunity I have as a writer.

Life doesn't want to hear our problems and excuses for not creating the lives we want. It is waiting eagerly for us to find a way to make it happen. Some friends understand this and some don't. All I know is Today is My Day, To Dream and Play, and Make My Life Even More Wonderful in Every Way.........it just may take a little extra effort.

Copyright © 2007 by Adam Stuart
All Rights Reserved

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