In the Blink of an Eye

In the blink of an eye
The years will fly by

We can't prevent it
We can't redo it

One chance is all we have
To live this life the best we can

This great universal start
Waiting in smiling repose and with great hope

That when we return our bodies to it
We present it with a great spirit

A spirit grateful for having being given life
A spirit infused with all the beauty of life

A life lived courageously and bravely
Happily and gratefully

Opportunities taken advantage of
Inspiration acted upon

A life of loving and learning
Loving to learn and learning to love

Learning higher and higher truths
Loving at higher and higher vibrations

Until we radiate better and better things
And better things to us the universe brings

From small bodies with big hearts
We become bigger bodies with even bigger hearts

Bigger hearts beating to the tune of the universe
Playing the music that we hear in our hearts

Living our lives more and more fully
Playing the music that we hear in our hearts

Unafraid to let the sound come out
Playing the music we hear in our hearts

Knowing that when our time is done
The world will still hear the music that we allowed to play in our hearts

*Dedicated to all those great spirits from the past that played their music so loudly those of us in the present can still hear it and be inspired by it.

To my sister, myself and all of you, that we too may play and dance to the sounds we hear in our hearts so much that those yet to come will hear it and be inspired.

Our lives are made up of our todays. Will today you let the music play?

Copyright © 2007 by Adam Stuart
All Rights Reserved

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Anonymous said...

You are your sister have the same smile.
It is wonderful that you have so much love in your life and that you show your love for them not just with actions but through your writing as well. I believe we should always express our feelings to those that are important to us, me might not have another chance to do so.