The Wolf and The Owl

"The Wolf
The Owl

Rising through the snow

Rising above the clouds

Singing songs of danger,

and of Glory

One hoots
One howls

Shaking the snow off feathers and fur

They stand triumphant in the the world."

- Adam Stuart

This was a spontaneous poem inspired while nearing the completion of the latest "My Name is Jack" book, which I'm writing here in Chicago at Jack's home while visiting him for Easter. The poem came to me while spontaneously "dancing" around the room while taking a break from trying to write the last page of Jack's book. Luckily, none of the family was at the house, allowing me be free and just have fun.

I have no idea where it came from or what it really means, making me believe I saw and wrote this for one of you reading it right now. Ironically, right after I wrote this poem, the ending of Jack's book came to me.

Ahhhhhhh....Native American visions have mysterious powers of clarity......

Copyright © 2007 by Adam Stuart
All Rights Reserved

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