The TRUE Spirit of Christmas

Why mention the word "true"? Because it means this spirit is real, and honest. The reason it feels so good at Christmas time is because so many people choose to be real, honest and loving. It's such a good feeling as you and those around you do this, even those you normally don't get along with. Everyone puts aside their feelings, memories and thoughts of anger, bitterness, resentment, etc. If you've read or seen "The Celestine Prophecy" you more fully understand how and why this happens.

But after the holidays are over will you continue to feel this way? If you do, will others around you do the same? There is only one way to attract real and honest people in your life who have the real spirit of Christmas inside of them all year through. You will attract these wonderful, rare and unique people if you are being real and honest not only with them, but also with yourself.

This is a wonderful feeling that rarely happens, and only to people who decide to become truly unique.

If you don't feel you are one of these people, ask yourself some important questions. Are you putting up with dishonesty from others, telling yourself that they'll change someday and that you can put up with the pain they are causing you? The soul cannot stand being lied to. Read Gary Zokov's "The Seat of The Soul" to learn more about this. And if you continue to do this, you will continue to attract dishonest people.

Are you lying to yourself, saying you don't deserve better treatment from others? That's a lie. We all deserve to be treated well and to have the self-respect to require this. Treat yourself really well and you will attract others who will do the same.

Are you giving to everyone but yourself; meeting their needs but not yours, making time for them but not yourself, loving them fully but not yourself? This is also dishonest. As long as you continue to do this, you will only attract those into your life who will take advantage of you.

Are you telling yourself you want better people in your life while complaining about the dishonest people in yours? Whatever we complain about we are telling ourselves we want more of it. Whenever we play the victim we are telling ourselves we want to continue playing the victim. It's no wonder we keep allowing or attracting people in our lives who aren't good for us. This includes those who victimize us as well as those who allow others to victimize them. We want both these types of people in our lives so we can continue to feel these emotions, to continue playing the victim. Louise Hay has a great CD called "How to Heal Your Life" that can help you realize this and stop it.

The same is true when we focus on how hurt we are, how bitter, or how sad. We bring in our lives what we focus on the most. Every thought is an affirmation, and it is our dominate thoughts that affirm and order the universe to bring what we think about the most into our lives. Even the thought "Affirmations don't work" is an affirmation that they won't work for you. And this is also why "the true spirit of Christmas" doesn't last all year. For a few days of the year we choose to think of positive thoughts, while most of the other 365 days are filled with the negative and unhealthy.

Let's say we begin everyday with positive affirmations, then spend the rest of the day stressed out, angry, or depressed by negative thoughts. What we are doing is bombarding every cell in our body with terrible, dominating, poisonous thoughts.

So there's your answer. The solution is simple, it's just not easy to do. The most important thing to do is make improvements. Small improvements are believable and therefore achievable. So at least set goals for that. But how fast you want your life to change for the better depends on how fast you can change the ratio of your positive-to-negative thoughts.
Dream big! Affirm big! Be truly happy!

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