Live Out Loud! Completely!

Every morning as I come down my stairs I stop to say hello to James Dean. Although now forever silent, he looks at me from my wall and heralds me with his legacy:

Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.

This does more for me than the cup of coffee I'm on my way to get. To me the power to dream comes from the power to love; to believe in what isn't yet there, and love it into existence. This has got to be the greatest and most satisfying power in the universe, more than money or fame or perceived "success". Love is what makes all dreams possible, so I've changed this slighty to:

Love as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.

Maybe it's because of this passion I live with. And maybe it's because I've come close to meeting my maker more than once. But I hear these words James and I silently trade back and forth on the darkened stairs of the early morning. As I look at this picture of someone who lived before he died, I promise myself that no matter what, today I WILL "Live Out Loud! Completely!"

Today, I love myself enough to take complete control of how I feel and what I think. Although I look forward to falling in love again someday, I know I complete myself now and am not codependent on anyone else to make me feel good. Knowing this, I look forward to my future and create it by passionately pursuing my greatest dreams with complete confidence.

My family and friends know how much I completely love and appreciate them as I take the time to let them know. My children know how completely special they are as I play with, read to, and say prayers to them at night. During the day I smile at children and strangers, open doors for ladies, help someone in need and do the little things that brighten someone's day. I don't wait till tomorrow to do any of this because I am too busy making money, trying to get ahead or too stressed out.

This day is the only day I am guaranteed to have. Let me live completely out loud, with no regrets for the things I wish I would have done and wish I would have said, especially to those I love.

This day I completely love as if I'll live forever, and completely live as if I'll die today. Chances are, I'll live a long and healthy life, and die smiling having completely used up all my love, laughs, talents, and time...completely.

This is my son living out loud and living completely!.


Anonymous said...

Lilkimmy44-- Evening Adam!:) You're right. I did enjoy what I read tonight.

Not sure about the codependent part of your analogy. As many may know, when it comes to love and sharing, being codependent is a lonely/insecure way of living. Independence is more of what I thrive. ;)

In speaking of living a life of codependency, been there done that (which I am sure, others can relate, once they understand the underlying sadness of living life in this manner. There are happy endings).

Touché on yet another inspiring segment. ;)

Adam Stuart said...

That was the point I was trying to make, as ineffectual as it was, just like being in a codependent relationship :)

Too many of us think our lives would be better if only we had someone who loved us, or we stay in so-so relationships as long as we're somewhat loved, because we're afraid to not be loved at all.

But when we're able to contribute to the fulfillment of our own needs we become independent, attract the right person for us into our lives, and can offer much more and have a much better life experience together as two independent and happy people.

p.s. For those of you who don't know, Kim is a beautiful poetess whose work can be found on www.poets.com

Dianna said...

Hey Adam,

I can't agree with you more! We are completely on the same page with this....it's amazing! I too believe in being my genuine self...being true to who I am and who I aspire to be. I too live every day as it may be my last. Not only do I take steps in reaching my dreams. I also take time to fill my days with new memories and experiences. I make a point to try new things whenever the opportunity presents itself. That can be as simple as trying Sushi or as extraordinary as jumpng out of an airplane. You never know until you try it. I have to derive my own opinions, so I try pretty much anything once.
As for falling in love, I do long to, and know I will. I have been in love before, but the timing wasn't right. I wasn't happy. I wasn't my genuine self. I was being the person everyone told me to be. Well, pretending to be someone you aren't and trying to please everyone is exhausting! Now, that I am true to myself, I'm free to just be. In that, I've found true happiness and peace.
I have always hated when I hear people say, "He/she completes me." That is so wrong. We are whole! We stand independently. A partner should be someone who compliments us, supports us, and encourages us to be our genuine self. That someone who is our biggest fan.
My heart is open for the possibility of love. I know it's out there. When it's time, I'll be ready for it. Until then, I refuse to be in a relationship just for the sake of being in one. That would be doing myself an injustice.

Adam Stuart said...

Well "I am woman and hear me roar!" :-) Here's to a woman being strong without feeling she has to be a witch. Thanks Dianna. You've given a side to the story I cannot do as a man. I'm continually impressed by the wonderful people that take the time to read my simple scribblings.