Quick Laugh - Compromise in Marriage

Just saw a commercial for a new TV show that went something like this:

My wife wanted to get a cat.
I didn't want to get a cat.
So we compromised.
We got a cat.

Made me laugh and thought it might make you too, unless of course you're married and this seems to happen quite a lot to you. Then I guess it's not really that funny, and I apologize for putting it up in the first place. I feel for you brother......but it's still funny.


Anonymous said...

lilkimmy44 -- Cute. But, compromising …not giving in to what you do not want is the key in building a strong relationship! ;)

Adam Stuart said...

I agree whole-heartedly. That's why I found the commercial so funny/sad. With all the divorces it seems too many couples are trying to dominate their partners. Maybe society is coming to an general awakening of this and we are getting ready for a shift change in a more positive direction.