Happy New Year

The first things I saw on this first day of the new year were the beautiful faces of my children, still sleeping from getting back so late from a terrific New Year's Eve party. The second thing I saw was this, and I wanted to share it with you.

Creating a Fork in the Road

New Year, New Start

To many, the coming of a new year represents an opportunity to begin again. It is a time to step off of dead-end paths in order to create a fork in the road, disassociating from the old, and aligning with fresh possibilities. Harnessing the power of this transformative energy is a matter of truly believing that resolutions can conquer past patterns.

If we believe we are capable of changing our lives, we are more apt to believe that we are capable of leaving our mistakes behind. Our dedication, which might otherwise falter, is buoyed by hope. Thus, the beginning of the new year is traditionally a popular time to tackle difficult tasks such as quitting smoking, losing weight, or fulfilling worldly ambitions. But the transition from year to year can also be an opportune occasion to pursue emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth because we no longer feel burdened by regret and disappointment.

Whatever your reality, it is within your power to create the fork that allows you to walk a more conscious, grounded path. Viewing the start of the coming year as a time of rebirth allows you to focus on what you want to accomplish in the coming weeks, months, and years. Because you are a new person—in other words, a clean slate—you are free to immerse yourself in new experiences with impunity.

If you feel a need to reconnect with your spirituality, consider taking up yoga, meditation, or another discipline that challenges both your mental and physical selves. Fill your newly-cleansed mind with stimulating knowledge, poignant wisdom, and useful skills. Clearing your home or workspace of clutter can improve the flow of energy in your life, giving you the momentum you need to stay true to your resolutions. And beginning a fresh journal can be a wonderful way to celebrate these developing aspects of your life.

In the ancient Babylonian, Chinese, and Celtic traditions, the period marking the transition from the old year to the new was viewed as a struggle between chaos and order, in which order always prevailed. Your belief that you, too, can banish chaos and integrate your dreams, desires, and goals more fully into your life will give you the determination and fortitude to change your life for the better.


Anonymous said...

i just stumbled upon your blog clicking on 'next blog' and this post pretty much sums up the way im looking at the new year. I had a rough 06 and i see the start of the 07 to be my clean slate... Im scared but also excited to start fresh.
Thankyou so much for writing that... i loved it.

Adam Stuart said...

You're welcome. Have the courage to follow your excitement and overcome your fears and 2007 WILL BE A GREAT NEW YEAR!

I see that you're from Sydney, Australia. The same problems and opportunities exist for all of us. Keep in touch and we'll help each other stay strong and successful.

Louisey said...

Yes Sydney-Sider =)
thanks again

Anonymous said...


Adam Stuart said...

Good for you Spaniard. If we all keep our eyes wide open to self-love, self-improvement, and self-discovery and not looking for someone out there to love us and someone out there to put the blame on for our feelings, a GREAT 2007 IS IN SIGHT.