To Bo

Bo Schembechler, the most beloved coach of the Michigan Wolverines, passed away yesterday on the eve of today's big game with the Buckeyes. Even though he was born in Ohio and coached at Ohio State under Woody Hayes, I didn't like Bo because he coached "that team from up north". But I did admire and respect him.

I remember someone from my days in business saying that whether someone likes you or not is up to them. Whether they respect you is entirely up to you. I respected Bo. I admired the way he lived with passion and became one of the best at what he loved to do, coach college football.

To you, Bo. Thanks for showing us what it meant to live our lives fully.

May we take that same passion and put it into making our own dreams come true, and be remembered at our passing.


Anonymous said...

Great story, in my opinion that was a very nice thing. I hope the buckeyes won the game!
Your favorite student

Anonymous said...

Mr Stuart
you are a Man of your word and a MAN of depth with passion. we are all seeking our own journey were we will come across peaple that will make a diffrenc in our lifes. but to think of someone that has touched your heart and has given you passion and will live within you for ever i do admire that indeed

JENNY said...

Mr stuart
Im sure Bo Schembechler is looking down with respect passion you are a warm caring gentle man who cares for mankind just like Bo did with his TEAM