Samurai School - Exciting Day!

Over the weekend my first published book arrived of "My Name is Jack". I was able to share my dream-come-true with my students. It gave even more credibility to our class motto of "DREAM BIG, DO BIG, BE BIG". It is an example of how thoughts truly are things. I told them how I started this motto four years ago. One year later I began to pursue my Profession Children's Writing degree. Today I was in front of them holding my first published book. It was proof that if you never quit, you can never fail.

Mrs. Hunter, the media specialist at the school, is putting a bar code on it and adding it to the library collection. Just imaging my own children checking out Daddy's book puts a lump in my throat and tears well up behind my eyes.

During morning announcements they mentioned the birthday of the man who invented basketball, way back in 1861. I asked them to wonder if anyone will remember their birthday @150 years after they were born. This question, combined with their teacher's own dream becoming a reality, amped them to new levels of commitment to achieve their own dreams.

In whole group we practiced the skill of conflict resolution. Ask your child how Miriam solved her conflict with Digby (she got Eleana to decode the message).

In small groups we gathered in skill groups based on individual needs. Each group created 3 test questions specific to their skill. Tonight they need to create 3 different questions on their own. This should really help them understand what their skill is calling for and hence, overcome a hurdle that has been stopping them up to this point.

Language Arts:
Create a madlib, plexer or other thinking game out of your spelling and science words.

If solution is pronounced "sah-LOO-shun",
why is resolution pronounced "REH-zah-loo-shun"?

MATH = 5.8 (fractions)

SCIENE = Be able to demonstrate a physical and/or chemical change tomorrow in class. Thanks to the Sheryl and Zoe from Mrs. Collin's class who shared their boiled-egg experiment showing a chemical change.


haseeb said...

did you know madlib was created by leonard stern who is still remembered today just like you and I will be!!!!!!!!!!!!1

haseeb said...

I know that you and I will be big no matter how long it has been since we are dead. People will always remember us and appreciate us for the things we will do.

haseeb said...

I know that you and I will be big.No matter if we die we will always do something that people in the future will remember us and appreciate us for what we did. Also I already know what you will be remembered for and it is being patient and not acting like a normal teacher but telling us what we did not know

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.Stuart

jennymac davis ca said...

Mr stuart thank you for giving the tools to re-think how i teach to make this world a fun caring world to be. were the next youth will carry your msg
samurai lives on jenny davis

Anonymous said...

You are the best teacher ever! No one will have the courage to put a man as big as you (Not size wise No way!) down!

Anonymous said...


JENNY said...

HELLO Mr Stuart
"My Name is Jack" are you able to write about your new book. why is the title called My Name is Jack.
Jenny Davis CA,