More Time?

Great hard-fought game. Even though Michigan gave us our toughest test of the year, the Buckeyes proved to be the better team. Many said they'd beat us because they played the tougher schedule. Opinions vary, and the final score shows who was right at the end of the day.

It's your opinion of yourself that matters most in determining the final score of your life. It's never too late to start, but the sooner the better. Time will run out on you. The game will end. It's pointless to talk about what could have been. There's only WHAT WAS.

About 10% of us have final scores to our lives that result in victory; believing that we can win the biggest game of our lives and doing big until our biggest dreams come true. The rest talk about what could have been and should have been, or that they're not doing so bad because others are impressed by the car they drive, the house they own, the wonderful children they have or at least thank God they're not like those people on Jerry Springer.

In actuality, when they faced the tough tests of believing big they gave up and lowered the size of their dreams to match the size of their lives. When they were behind in the game instead of raising the size of their lives and effort to match their dreams they focused on the bad calls, the bad breaks, and the "what ifs?".

I wonder if the requirement to get into Heaven is the answer to one simple question: "Did you achieve the dreams that were put inside you? Yes or No?"

"Yes? Welcome. You honored your Creator (He, She, The Universe) and made the world a better place."

"No? Ohhhh, wrong answer. I'm sorry. Thanks for playing but your time has run out. You have to go to the place for people who settled and watched others pursue their dreams. We have a television there so you can continue to watch athletes, actors, leaders in their field and other news makers live their dreams. These shows are recordable so you can replay their victories and successes over and over and keep pretending that you are the one being victorious and successful, just as you did in real life.

If you compared yourself to others we have these same shows in another lovely consolation room. Here we only play the defeats and dissapointments of their lives. That should make you feel much better about your own. There will be plenty of others there that do the same so you all can have fun putting down and those fools on TV who actually believe they can achieve their dreams and are out there trying to make them happen. I hear it's quite fun to laugh at them as these poor souls get back up every time they fail, fall down, and fall short. How embarrassing! We will be sure not to show how they eventually succeeded by learning from their mistakes and having the courage to go on in spite of the naysayers. How hard and embarrassing would that be for you to realize all you had to do was the same?

We will not show you this however so you may continue to see where you are better than others. We politely request you pay no attention to where others are better than you. You might realize you could have learned from them and made your life much, much better. Being that it's now too late, you will only be miserable at this truth and sometimes the truth hurts. Your beliefs are your reality. Being that we like all our guests to be happy, even if it means lying to themselves, please continue to create the same false reality you did while on Earth. It's too late to do anything about it now anyway.

For those of you who criticized, condemned, complained and generally blamed others for your defeats, we have a special soundproof room for you. Here you can talk about those bad people to your heart's content. For your convenience, we will provide you with as many "friends" as you want who will agree with you and tell you that you're right, you tried your best, and "what else could you have done?". Don't worry, they'll enjoy this job immensely because they're doing the same thing. All we ask is that you be kind enough in return to agree with them about the "bad" people that were in their lives. We anticipate things going smoothly since this is what you all did while living.

I wouldn't be suprised to see the book by Dr. Suess "Oh, The Places You'll Go" sitting right next to the Bible, Koran, and other religious books. Talk about a road map to taking responsibility for your own situation and emotions. Follow the words in that book and not only will you achieve your dreams, you'll make a heaven right here on Earth.

We either have results or excuses. We either win the game of "our lives" or don't, making our dreams a reality or wishing we had more time; more time to believe in ourselves and more time to make it happen. Make your life happen now. Win the game of YOUR LIFE, while the clock shows time is still left.

"Every day is a new life to the wise man." - (said by some very wise person)


Anonymous said...

u do know that the wolves lost because they thought to little of the ohios because they had easy team but they under estemated them so you dont underestemate your students or theyll suprize you

Anonymous said...

Great, Great, Great, pictures! They fit the pictures. GREAT PICTURES!

jenny said...

Mr Stuart
what is this GAME that you are so excited about football,ask your stundents to check out the real FOOTBALL in Australia team called Hawthorne in Melbourne ps THEY DO PLAY THE REAL GAME


haseeb the 1% said...

the 1% in the DRP is my goal and you know how I am going to get there I am going to get there by you and me pushing and you believing in me. Im telling you know push me harder give me an F I will learn from my mistakes.

haseeb 1% said...

bring the presuure its on

haseeb 1% said...

bring it on

haseeb 1% said...

bring it on

Anonymous said...

What wise man said every day is new life to the wise man?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I really enjoyed them. They match the stories! Well done!