Students ~ Stop Listening to Us Adults ~ Listen to Your Spirit and Show Us How to Learn Again and How to Live Again ~

The School of Athens and ISIS (International School of Intelligent Students present:

You students need to stop listening to us adults telling you that you have to get it now and have to get it as fast as possible for the test this week and the test at the end of the year. 

 Stop listening to us giving you the excuse that we have so much to cover that we don't have the time to give you as many chances as you need to get it. 

 Einstein was told this and told he was stupid and slow because he didn't get it right away. 

 Thank him that he didn't listen to us adults and listened to his own childlike spirit and mind, and changed our limited understanding of the world. 

 And if he stopped listening to the adults and went home and studied his books until he got it, you can too. 

 But stop expecting us to change. 

And stop listening to us. 

 We are adults. We are our habits. And we don't change. 

 But you know that Aristotle said we are our habits (Είμαστε συνήθειές μας) 

 Or in French if you prefer, because the translation is much more obvious and sounds much cooler: 

 Nous sommes nos habitudes (new sohm noze AH-bee-tude-ah)

Which sounds like, "We are our ATTITUDES." 

 We adults have the attitude that we CAN'T change, that there ISN'T enough time, that some of you just AREN'T able to get it you poor things, 

and that we are JUST one person, and that we poor things can only hope to reach just ONE of you in the course of a year, 

 instead of ALL OF YOU in AT LEAST ONE WAY because we have ALL day and ALL year to do it. 

 YOU have the attitude that it's FUN to change, to grow, and to PLAY with your potential every day. 

 You know that you were given as many chances to learn to walk and talk as you needed, and you deserve as many chances now as you need to learn whatever it is you're being asked to learn. 

 BUT quit expecting us limited-minded poor old adults to give it to you. 

 You stay rich in your spirit and start giving it to yourself. 

 Go home with whatever you were tried to be taught at school and use your notes and homework to play around with it, create a game out of it, do a project with it, make a song out of it, create a story or a play or a poem out of it. 

 Why? Because you are worth being given as many chances as it takes for you to get it, and if we adults are too stressed and full of our own excuses and self-limiting beliefs to give it to you, you give it to yourself. 

 You know you are worth it, and you know this is how real learning occurs. 

 And if you don't do this for yourself, you will become an adult, one of us, and you will become stressed out full of foolish self-limiting beliefs that you just aren't good at something or that this type of success just isn't in your destiny. 

 Don't become one of us. 

 Stay one of you, stay in your spirit, and use it become the best unlimited you that you can and deserve to become, and the world needs you to become. 

 Show us adults how to live again, how we can become rich again, and what we can become again.

Show us how to live in our spirit instead of our limitations.

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