Becoming Teachers that Forge Our Students into Steel

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Hug the Heaven into them 

& Hammer the Hell out of Them

Not with Hell

But with Hellfire

In an effort to get the best of of its students, the School of Athens went on a quest to find out how to get the best out of itself.

Using one of the greatest minds in human history, Einstein, it asked itself the beginning question, "Was weiß ich?".......What do I know, in order to imagine a solution to its problem.

"I know that the Sun produces amazingly powerful energy in the form of light and heat. How can I produce this in the classroom?"

Waking up and taking daily trips to this star for the past few months, this School o-f At-hens, or School of Fat Hens, as Jordan (daughter of Susan Kocarek) calls it, woke up Leonardo da Vinci on the way, who said, "Sai che ora è?".....Do you know what time it is?

"Never mind that. I need to know how to produce more light and energy in the classroom."

"Just use your senses. The human brain is capable of being aware of 2,000 to 3 million bits of data per second.  Cosa vedi? What do you see, about how the Sun makes light and heat," da Vinci replied.

As the two looked on, they saw the Sun smashing its Hydrogen atoms together so powerfully that their nuclei became fused together, creating entirely new molecules of Helium. 

This nuclear fusion produced photons of light and heat 450 times more powerful than what had existed before.

Placing themselves in Plank scale space-time, 10 to the -45 seconds, or .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds, they observed these photons bounce around for 10,000 years until they reached the surface of the Sun and sped off to Earth in 8 minutes.

"But I don't have 10,000 years to do this. I need to do this today! How?"

"I don't know. Go ask Socrates. I'm going back to bed", yawned Leonardo, and he was gone.

"Soh-crates! Soh-crates! Wake up!"

"It's "Sah-creh-teez'", came the reply. 

"Oh, sorry. Bill and Ted told me it was 'Soh-crates'."

"Just philosophize with him dude," whispered Bill and Ted, who were still up partying.

"Poia eínai i gnómi sas?", questioned Socrates, who never told his students what to think, but taught them how to think.

"What do YOU think is the greatest source of energy you have ever felt or known?" he dug deeper.

"Love, and passion......So.......Maybe, I feel my love for the world so deeply; in my cells, my molecules, my atoms....and smash them together as passionately as I can that their nuclei become fused together and unbreakable.....

 .....Producing so much light and heat coming out of my body that others around me become energized 450 times more powerful than they and I were were just a few seconds ago?"

"Try it. What have you got to lose? You can't take anything with you when you die, so why not try and give everything away while you're here, all the while having more and more to give?", the great lover of wisdom said as he placed his hand on the shoulder of the School of Athens.

"That's exactly what I meant when I said 70 times 7!" Jesus shouted as he roared past on his motorcycle, with The School of Athens quickly jumping on for the 8 minute trip back to Earth. 

"Ok, we'll do it!", the School shouted in the wind. "We'll love so passionately that our love becomes powerful and unbreakable, using nucleosynthesis to hug the Heaven into them.......

....and Hellfire to Hammer the Hell out of them.

And having been enlightened and armed with the lessons and weapons of Einstein, da Vinci, the Sun, Bill and Ted, Socrates, and a passionate man of fire from Nazareth........

...the School of Athens was fused with a vivid imagination of the world that could be
...and determined to do what it does best; 

Love them all...

~ Any student who comes into our classrooms
~ Any student that says "Hi" to us in the hallways
~ Any student who opens his or her eyes at us

We're going to love all of these angels.......and kill all of their demons.

Powerful Video ~ Man on Fire ~ 

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