Can You See it?

This one's for my children, and I think all other posts from here on. Maybe it's always been for them. Maybe I want them to understand why their father lived as he did.....why he loved them and the world so much.

It's the only he really knew, and the thing he could most clearly see.......Love

There's a great hypocrisy in the world that's keeping humans from evolving as we should. We tell you children, "You can do it! Shine your gifts and goodness onto the world"..........

".....but just not so much that it makes others feel bad about their choices not to believe they can develop and shine their own light."

While as a whole my grade level didn't show annual growth on the county science tests, the average student in my class showed a 44% growth.

Instead of coming to me to learn one thing I'm doing differently than them, there's bitching and moaning about me not answering emails on time, even though I was out sick for two days.

It's humans acting as crabs caught in a trap, pulling the ones trying to escape back in. If they feel there's no escape from "what is", then everyone should die too, and they're going to pull them back down to their level even if they have to rip the arms of those escaping in the process.

And we humans are the most evolved species on the planet? It makes me feel so heartbroken and lonely sometimes, living in the limited world of "what is" while living with the world of "what could be" inside of me.

As adults we tell ourselves, "Have the courage to stand up for what's right! Make a difference in this world! Never. Never! NEVER give up!"......

......"Just as long as it's not too difficult or tire you out too much, or if others start gossiping, or it get's too risky and dangerous."

And while we're all holding hands singing "We Can Change the World", we either talk about how bad it is without taking real action to change it, blame others, or close our eyes, talking about how "one day" things will change for the better.

There is no other day than "today". What we do today creates the "what is" of "tomorrow". Today is the day we laugh out loud. Today we love so strongly we chase away the darkness and hate. Today we think beautiful thoughts and do things we've never done before, living more fully and completely in every moment than we ever have in our lifetime.

Because these moments of our "todays" is the only time we have in our life.

I like these pictures you take of me Brosden on our early morning walks. It's in these moments that I sometimes feel so small compared to the vastness of the world. I wonder "how in the hell" is it possible for me to make any real difference at all?.......yet I do.

To my children I make a huge difference. To my students I make a huge difference. To the people I meet I make a huge difference. To readers I've never met I make a huge difference.

But most of all............to myself I make a huge difference, as my spirit becomes bigger than the man.

You can't make a real difference when you're living in the limited mortal world of hell. You may have to enter hell to make this difference, facing your fears and helping others face theirs, but you better be bringing heaven with you, and be a whole lot more hellish than hell itself if you're going to make it out alive.

Right now my body is calling it quits. My mind is having trouble keeping the outside negativity from entering.......And right now my heart and spirit have taken over, fighting to keep on living while the man in me is dying.

This is changing me on a molecular level, with new cells of even greater possibility, not less, splitting and recreating at a rapid rate, almost as if they're in a race against time.

It's in these toughest times that you must find the strength to elevate yourself and those around you to new heights of evolved thinking and being.

If you WANT MORE in this world, you have to BECOME MORE in this world.

And it's in these toughest times you must hold onto the vision of what could be in a world of what is.

This is when reality changes, and the "what is" becomes the "what could be"....and a new and better "what is" becomes the new and better reality.

Can you see this more loving, evolved, passionate and powerful world?

Can you see it clearly and convincingly enough to dance to it and make it happen?

Your father could....no matter how difficult and dangerous the dance became.

And he loved you enough to make it happen in your lifetime.

It's as simple as that.

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