Happy Valentines Day

Today you will be believed in.

Today you will be hugged.

Today you will covered,

In a pure unselfish love.

Today you will be treated,

as if it were a special day.

Today you will be treated

as you're treated everyday.

- Adam Stuart (Feb 2008)

(Sofia wants to play miniature golf today for Valentines Day. What child wouldn't, when they equate it to such love and fun?)

When we are young and covered in love, We completely believe We are gifts from above

- Adam Stuart (March 2007)

I just received a text message from a friend wishing me a Happy Valentines Day, and "hoping I gave an awesome day". She hit the "g" instead of the "h", so instead of hoping I "have" an awesome day, she hoped I "gave" an awesome day.

Lord, grant that I might not so much seek to be loved as to love.

- Saint Francis of Assisi

I liked the mistake she unintentionally made; hoping I "gave" versus "have".

Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. (JFK)

Ask not what you can get from others but what you can give to them.

Ask not what you can force yourself to do today but what you can allow to flow through you.

(Taneicea wanting so badly to find success, feeling deeply after a temporary defeat. I told her her great emotion was truly powerful, and promised her we would create the success she so desperately wanted. And I heard myself telling death it would simply have to wait for me, I had a promise to keep to a little girl.)

And after 40 years on this planet and countless books going back over 5,000 years (The Counsels of the Great Yu, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, etc, etc, etc) the GREATEST, LONGEST-LASTING, and MOST REAL source of "flow" I have been able to find.....is LOVE.

Yes, when you give, share, speak out....some may doubt your intentions, question your motives, even condemn and criticize you.

But, "any fool can criticize, condemn and complain, and most fools do". Wise people are patient and kind, and slow to judge. (Dale Carnegie)

This definition sounds a lot like love to me; "Love is patient and kind. It does not judge, is not quick to anger, etc....." (Corinthians)

(Brosden and I wiped out after staying up all night just being together after his nightmare. Please look in the direction in which I am pointing; that I am no different than anyone else, with problems I choose to overcome, fears I choose to face, love I choose to give. And in the end, what's not important is that you're seen as loving, but actually having loved.)

I just cannot help but see love in, around and behind everything good in this world. I also cannot help but to see it as the solution for so many things.

And when we give...the best of ourselves...to ourselves and others....we create more giving in this world.

(Kenny from last year's class came back to visit. I was told that I was needed in the office, the same words I heard last year because I was in trouble for pushing him too hard, expecting too much, etc.

This time it was Kenny who was waiting for me. Kenny, mentally and emotionally handicapped, had MORE academic gains last year on the final state test than ANY other student in 5th grade.

Does it really matter if it seems the world is attacking you when you know what you're doing, sharing, intending is born out of love?

His loving energy is so great I told him I was pushing him because he needed to be around as many people as possible in this world. He needed to have valuable marketable skills.

I don't know what I'm more impressed with, his improbable gains, or his being a gentleman by opening the car door for his mother. He has higher expectations for himself.

I wish you all a truly Happy Valentines Day....first within yourself.....even in every cell....and then emanated and vibrated in loving rapture out onto your world. You are very important in your world. In your world solutions and miracles are waiting to be created.

Loving yourself creates miracles (Louise Hay).

Loving others allows them to have the love to love themselves, and create their own miracles.

Isn't life simply amazing?

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