The Treasures of Tomorrow

Well here it is. It's time to start another year. Time to spend time pushing myself and this new group of students I'll meet today to the edges of our limits, what we're currently capable of.........holding on during the shaking, complaining and stretching of our minds and mentalities......then smiling as we look around and see we've come to a new place of new possibilities.......and then pushing ourselves to our new limits.......and repeating the process

But each time with one or two students pushing themselves this time which not just lightens the load but begins to create a synergistic energy field between us that allows us to keep going until everyone has learned to spend their time creating themselves into these beautiful and capable people, powerfully and positively creating the futures they desire v. staying stuck in the present realities they despise or have come to accept as just their lot in life......a kind of self-imposed societal class system.

One of those students called me yesterday to tell me how excited she is to have been placed in advanced classes for middle school. Last week that's all I heard as students from last year came to visit during pre-planning. Former "below" and "average" students are now considered advanced and "advanced" students are now considered "accelerated".

Isn't it powerful how just ONE YEAR spent learning how to really believe and do big can lead to such big changes in so many lives? Isn't it proof that this can happen to ANYONE who practices doing it consistently, and that ANYONE can consistently make it happen for themselves and others?

I guess it's all in how we spend our time. Do we spend it believing in ourselves or doubting? Do we champion ourselves and others or complain and criticize about ourselves or others? Do we spend our time taking actions that will make us grow, or do we spend it justifying why we can't?

When we go to the grocery store we spend our money on what we want. The more money we spend on foods that are good for us the healthier we become. When we go about our day all we need to do is spend our thoughts on what we want, on what's good for us. This will lead us to taking the actions that will bring about what we want and what's good for us into our lives.

It's really that simple.....and it's really our choice whether it's easy or difficult to do.
If it's difficult think of it as a new language to learn; How to speak and listen to yourself and others. It's a language I'm continually practicing because I always have room to grow and improve.

Thinking "I don't have time" is insane yet one of my own most limiting thoughts. And because I think this I constantly don't have enough time. We all have time and we all have the same amount time no matter what our circumstance. In the 86,400 seconds of today we'll each have @60,000 thoughts. No one can tell any of us how to spend those thoughts. Since our thoughts create the actions that create our lives, each thought is literally more precious than gold, as our thoughts create the "gold", or what we value the most in our lives.

The trick is to value solutions over excuses, possibilities over impossibilities, love over hate, power over weakness, and horses over hamsters (I like horses more)

So good morning and good spending. May what you spend your thoughts and actions on today bring you the treasures you desire tomorrow. I'm going to help a group of kids see that they are indeed the treasures of tomorrow

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